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Specialist article at "Display" B-Joy – Give joy and enjoyment

B-Joy – give joy and enjoyment

Achilles Group realizes bottle packaging for Hewapack. With the B-Joy wine bottle packaging, the Achilles Group has developed a gift packaging that impresses thanks to its versatility and individuality – as the successful project with Hewapack shows.

Bottle Joy, B-Joy for short, stands for “giving joy and enjoyment”. The bottle packaging designed by the Achilles Group is not only visually appealing, but also offers many other advantages. Hewapack, a packaging and transport security company, is also convinced of this and uses the innovative box for its customer gifts.

The Achilles Group designed the standardized B-Joy wine bottle packaging to offer the market high-quality packaging that is also easy to produce and handle. B-Joy is made of 1.9 millimeter thick cardboard and seven surfaces. These are separated by peels, which allows assembly by rolling them up easily. An opening is punched into one of the surfaces for the bottle, which also serves as a carrying handle. Thanks to a hinged pedestal and a bottle neck holder, the bottle is well protected even during transport. In the standard version, Achilles offers B-Joy in the assembled state measuring nine by 38.5 centimeters with a double, concealed magnetic closure. Customers can also choose between four-color printing or natronkraft unprinted. As standard, the packaging is finished with glossy foil or X-treme Matt. However, there is also the possibility of individual design and refinement. In addition, the B-Joy Large was designed for oversized bottles.

Individual finishing

Hewapack made use of the possibility of individual design. While looking for an appealing customer gift, managing director Heinrich Warzecha became aware of the Achilles Group’s wine packaging at the Fachpack in Nuremberg. “The Achilles Group implemented our ideas about what the wine packaging should look like and what it should offer very quickly. After our first contact in mid-October, the packaging was delivered in December,” reports Warzecha.

What was particularly important for the Hewapack managing director when it came to individual design was that the packaging also reflected the individual surface structures of the Hewapack products. “We were able to implement this by using motif-refining,” explains Jürgen Straub, division manager of the presentation products Achilles Group. “Structural paint was used to depict the surfaces of cardboard and wooden pallets. We chose relief varnish for stretch film and plastics. We used our self-developed X-treme Matt film as a basis,” explains Straub. “These different surfaces give our customers the impression of touching the real material, such as one of our plastic products,” says Warzecha.

Smart packaging

Another special feature is the additional digital component of the packaging, which was integrated at the customer’s request. “An NFC chip was built into the wine packaging, which expands the optical and haptic level to include a digital level,” explains Straub. The NFC chip links directly to the Hewapack website. “This means our customers can access our offering directly,” adds Warzecha. He further explains: “The chip simply needs to be activated with the cell phone by holding the smartphone at the specified location on the bottle packaging. If the customer follows the instructions on their cell phone, they will go directly to our website.” The wine bottle packaging has been very well received by Hewapack’s customers and the two companies are also very satisfied with the successful implementation of the project.

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