Added value through polyester lamination

Polyester lamination

Double-sided lamination

In polyester lamination, a double-sided, full-surface bond is achieved between the print product (paper weight 115 – 350 g/m2) and different thicknesses of polyester films (total sealing thickness: 0.052 mm – 0.5 mm) under pressure and heat exposure in a continuous process. The variable combination possibility between film thickness and paper weight allows for both flexible, rollable, as well as stiff or stable end products.

Laminated objects are simply beautiful.

Brilliant shine – elegant matting – reflex-free structure: Your printed materials gain value in terms of both appearance and haptics.

A nice side effect: They are optimally protected from dirt and moisture. And they even meet the hygiene standards of the medical-technical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Durable top quality is guaranteed through the use of high-quality materials, the use of the latest technology and the know-how of competent employees.

The enhancement of your printed products by polyester lamination is always done on both sides.

I will advise you on our wide range of lamination options.

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