High-quality lamination films

Foil Lamination is the Heart of Our Business

Our multi-site strategy gives us the capacity and flexibility to offer our customers a wide range of foil laminations to protect and enhance print products with visual and tactile effects.

We use a variety of foils, including:

  • Classic gloss, matte, and textured foils
  • Forchheim foils
  • Specialty foils such as PET silver and PET gold
  • Holographic foils such as Rainbow and Pillars-of-Light

We also offer foils for indirect food contact, which are used primarily by the food packaging industry.

Gloss foil

With a gloss foil lamination, you protect your print and enhance the brilliance of the inks. Thanks to the good bonding properties, further processing in screen and flexo printing is possible.

Good abrasion protection. Increases the brilliance of the inks. Resistant to dirt, moisture and chemicals.

Foil lamination

Matt foil

Matte looks particularly elegant. With Matt foil from Achilles, books, book covers, ring binders, business reports, city maps, catalogs, menus, etc. get a real velvety character. Our matte foil is also glare-free and suitable for varnishing and hot foil printing.

Our matte lamination convinces with its strong matte appearance

Foil lamination

X-treme Matt®

One disadvantage of many matte foils is the high susceptibility of the surface to scratches. Previous scratch-resistant matte foils had a lower matte degree. So you had the choice of scratch-resistant or matte. We now have the perfect solution for you: X-treme Matt®.

With X-treme Matt®, you get the highest quality matte foil from our portfolio.

Foil lamination

X-treme Glanz®

Discover a new generation of high-quality gloss foils with X-treme Glanz®! Now scratch-resistant!!! Thanks to its particularly resistant surface, X-treme Glanz® offers optimal protection against annoying scratches. This gives your print products a longer optimal and error-free appearance.

Maximum protection against scratches and abrasion - X-treme Gloss® from Achilles makes it possible.

Foil lamination


With X-touch®, Achilles has once again improved the possibilities of high-quality finishing in the matte foil segment in several quality features. Velvety soft surfaces continue to enjoy increasing popularity. Unfortunately, not always with the processors of such products. Because these so-called soft foils were often too sensitive to fingerprints and scratches.

X-touch® is now our innovative service for processors who appreciate high productivity with low risk of complaints.

Foil lamination

PET-Silver foil

The metallized PET foils from Achilles are characterized by a variety of optical variants. Whether silver, gold or hologram foil, the range leaves nothing to be desired. By overprinting the metallic foils, you can make your product an eye-catcher and get a mirror effect. The aluminum coating significantly increases the barrier effect of the PET foil.

With metallized PET foils, you can combine excellent optics with protective and barrier functions. Our metallized PET foils are also available in gold, which also gives your print product that certain something.

Foil lamination

PET-Gold foil, the luxury lamination

Our PET-Gold foil can be overprinted in offset or screen printing, resulting in a metallic shine. In screen printing in a weakened form. If you do not want a metallic effect partially, the color fastness can be restored with white ink. Furthermore, the barrier effect of the PET foil is significantly increased by the additional aluminum coating.

Excellent shine. Excellent barrier against flavors, gases and water vapor. Resistant to oils and fats.

Foil lamination

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