EM 2024

Goal Wall Folder

The Must-Have for Real Football Fans!

Hello football fans! We have something special for you: the brand new Goal Wall Folder, specially made for the European Championship 2024! Now you can not only cheer on the big games, but also become a goal scorer yourself – and in miniature format!

What is the Goal Wall Folder?

Imagine: A goal wall that you can take with you anywhere and that allows you to shoot small balls into the goal with your fingers. Sounds great? It is! Perfect for the lunch break at the office, the living room or the barbecue party in the garden.

Cool features of the Goal Wall Folder:

  • X-Matt foil lamination: This chic coating makes our goal wall super robust and durable. No matter how often you hit (or not), the thing will last!
  • UV gloss varnish: Shiny times for everyone! The card is partially finished with UV gloss varnish – not only looks great, but also feels great.
  • Pure fun: Bring the stadium atmosphere home and test your finger football skills. Who scores the most goals?

Why you absolutely need this thing:

  • Pure EM feeling: Create the perfect atmosphere for the European Championship 2024. Whether alone, with friends or with the family – the Goal Wall Folder will put everyone in a football mood.
  • For fun and team spirit: Ideal for every break, every meeting or every party. Nobody will leave without laughing and cheering here!
  • Compact and mobile: Fits in any pocket and can be set up in no time at all. So you are always ready for a little match, wherever you are.
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