Screen printing

Lustrous highlights with UV gloss coating

Film lamination is enhanced by all-over or partial gloss or matt coatings, mainly using UV coating systems. In addition, there is a wide range of special coatings such as glitter coatings, textured coatings, relief coatings, scented coatings or thermochromic inks that make the printed product visually or perceptively unique at the point of sale. 

Lustrous highlights with UV gloss coating

A little shine and glitter is always welcome. UV gloss coatings, however, can offer much more: Not only do they create glossy visual effects, but they are also highly impressive due to their special tactile properties. Partial or all-over. The UV coating ensures brilliant colour reproduction as well as amazing perspectives on almost all print products.

Effect enhancement: Combining UV coating with matt coatings or matt films produces sophisticated visual and tactile effects - entirely without the need for multicoloured printing.

Courage to mix: Mixing the matt with the glossy variant results in a silky matt coating. Refined and perfectly harmonious.

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