A special service by Achilles: NAMITEC

Achilles finishes: With NAMITEC - the world's most rapid form of finishing using nano-micro technology.

Nano and micro combined in one machine. Not only is this innovative, it also results in an extremely wide range of products and individual customer designs in a highly visual and tactile world of experience.

The nano and micro structures combined in the machine are an additional special feature: No additional material is required. The direct surface modification does not require any further addition of coatings.

And: NAMITEC & roll lamination & slitting provide a one-step solution.

The four pillars of NAMITEC


Hologram effects: Globally available designs can be used for films and printing inks. The imagination knows no bounds.

Customised films or substrates: Holographic, tactile or functional surfaces - everything is possible. A wide variety of flexible materials can be modified with films, colours and coatings.


Nanotechnology makes security a quality feature. Visible or invisible. Via QR code or laser reflections.

Tactile properties

A wealth of tactile surfaces of pearl, Forchheim or leather. The microtunnel absorbs liquid and protects the material.



Various optimised surfaces are achieved through the bionic application of nano-micro technology

  • Lotus effect: self-cleaning surfaces
  • Moth-eye effect: non-reflective surfaces
  • Sharkskin effect: flow-optimised surfaces


  • Holographic films and papers
  • Security films and papers
  • Wrap films with holographic or functional surfaces (e.g. car wrapping)
  • Structural films for functional surfaces (bionics) for boat hulls
  • Tactile and/or holographic surfaces for tipping and inner-liner paper in the cigarette industry


Do you work with label, flexo, gravure or digital printers? You are looking for flexible packaging, are a film retailer, brand developer, paper manufacturer or paper merchant. NAMITEC promises you a new world of possibilities. Take a look and give us a call.

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