Special laminating films

Leather look, fine linen matt or X-treme matt: With "Achilles films" we offer high-quality laminating films that are specially adapted to the needs of sheet finishing. Innovative with a unique level of quality.

Laminating films

Achilles films: Innovative laminating films

Quality and innovation combined: With "Achilles films" we offer high-quality laminating films that are specially adapted to the needs of sheet finishing.

But as we all know, standing still is stagnation. This is why we continuously develop our products to meet increasing quality requirements and to offer new product solutions.

Achilles leather look

A fine grain pattern creates a unique, imitation leather look. It looks excellent on dark and plain coloured backgrounds. As the reverse side is not embossed, processing is simplified and the amount of adhesive required is reduced immensely.

Our films are also used in polyester lamination - which means you can add texture to all laminations.

All qualities from the Achilles films department can also be found at our locations. For more information, please visit our sheet lamination section.

Request a sample today. We also offer test rolls in addition to the standard laminated samples!

Eco Star* represents sustainability and environmental protection

Sustainability and the environment are becoming increasingly important issues in the field of packaging. By using our Eco Star* films, you are making a clear statement on both points. Manufactured from the renewable raw material wood pulp, these special films make the Eco Star* range particularly sustainable and even compostable. A truly sustainable finish can be achieved in combination with the adhesive, which is also available from Achilles and is based on renewable raw materials.

The Fachverband Faltschachtel e.V. also acknowledges the recyclability and benefits of laminated products, which contribute to the achievement of a recycling economy.

Excellent properties for further processing

Suited for many presentation products and printed matter such as books, packaging, magazines, folding boxes and print products of all descriptions. The special films offer optimum protection against external environmental influences and have a high scratch resistance. Besides the glossy Eco Star* film, there are other variants: metallised, matt, black and silky matt.
The excellent properties for further processing allow your print products to be individually and specifically presented.

*ECO STAR is a registered trademark.

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