Magnet boxes

A gentle click that brings huge advantages. Creative packaging with a magnetic closure instantly enhances high-quality products and gifts. Three different versions leave plenty of room for individual designs.

Magnet boxes

Magnetic boxes - A gentle click that brings huge advantages

The key feature of this packaging, which is as high-quality as it is creative, is a magnetic closure. A magnetic box adds extra value to the product, such as jewellery, and raises the packaging above the competition. The distinctive "click" when closing also enhances the recognition value. The grand presentation with the little click is perfected by our personalised finishes - both visual and tactile.

The sustainability bonus: The magnetic box is reusable.

Key features of the magnetic box

  • The magnets are glued almost invisibly into the rim as well as into the lid of the box, which provides a very sophisticated effect.
  • Just a light touch - and the lid opens.
  • A distinctive click is heard when the lid is closed.
  • The packaging is stable and reusable.
  • Matching and individual inlays guarantee the perfect presentation.

The variants

Individuality is our strength. Not only can you determine the format of the magnetic box, but there are also different variants to choose from.

  • Variant 1: Magnet box with open front. The box is completely covered.
  • Variant 2: Magnet box with half-open front. The lid closes the front halfway. The box is visible through an opening.
  • Variant 3: Magnet box with closed front. Here, the lid also covers half of the front.

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