Achilles delights.

The development of Achilles into a strong brand for innovative paper enhancements, creative presentation products, high-quality lamination and trend-setting packaging solutions in Germany and Europe is primarily due to our corporate philosophy, which all our staff implement systematically in their day-to-day work:

  • We are innovative. This means we are never content with the status quo. Instead we work hard every day to make good things even better and to create new solutions for our customers.
  • We are creative. We keep on widening our horizons, which enables us to find and implement new ideas.
  • We are always customer-oriented. Our empathy and great expertise help us to see things through our customers' eyes. This gives us a decisive lead in our cooperation with the customer.
  • We maintain a close dialogue with customers and market partners. A good knowledge and understanding of our customers' needs is essential if we are to deliver convincing solutions.
  • With active team spirit we satisfy our customers' needs and wishes. Because we can only be successful if our customers are too.
  • We are performance-oriented. Compliance with the highest quality standards, compliance with deadlines, and flexibility are the basis for our partnership-based relations with our customers.
  • We never cease to question ourselves and our work. This enables us to identify faults, weaknesses and problems and puts us in a position to deal with them successfully.