The best compliment anyone can pay Achilles is "WOW!". This enthusiastic exclamation embraces everything that makes us happy: recognition for our work, enthusiasm for our products, delight at top quality, and our clients' feeling that they took exactly the right decision. Despite our basic modesty, we are pleased to announce that this exclamation is one that reaches us several times a day – whether in direct conversations, on the phone, by fax or E-mail, whether from within Germany or from other parts of Europe. This makes us feel proud. After all, there must be something behind our clients' enthusiasm. It is the result of our hard work. Because innovation, top quality and customer orientation are core competencies that belong to what we stand for. And our task is to bring them to life every day. In each of our four divisions: Achilles enhances, Achilles presents, Achilles laminates, Achilles packages.

With some 650 employees at 18 locations within Germany and 6 abroad, we not only bundle any amount of know-how and capacity, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and a high degree of flexibility. And thanks to its broad geographical spread, the Achilles Group is never far away.